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Keralit LLC has a significant energy potential, which allows the company to be quite independent and flexible in power supply issues, subject to retaining favorable environmental climatic conditions.

The extensive infrastructure of power facilities has absorbed the most cutting-edge technologies in power supply; it is subdivided into several areas, depending on used energy carriers and functional specifics. In particular, it comprises the following:

  • the industrial power supply system, which includes its own high-voltage aerial cable line, over 7 km long, a substation with two 630 kVA transformers. There is a gas power plant with three coherent gas-reciprocating units manufactured by Caterpillar, with the overall electric power of 2 mVA, seven indoor switchgears, and a treed system ensuring power supply for the production shops and the administration quarters in the company's territory;

  • the gas consumption system, which consists of high- and medium-pressure gas pipelines, two gas distributing plants, three gas pressure regulating and metering units, one gas control unit, the gas equipment of a boiler house, a gas reciprocating power plant, and process furnaces. Highly-reliable automatic equipment ensures operational safety;

  • the water supply system comprises a water intake facility with the wells of Alexensk-Protvinsky and Kashirskian water-bearing strata, a fine purification plant to obtain high-quality water that meets the requirements of SanPiN “Potable water”, a second stage pump station, fire water tanks, and a circuitous water conduit network;

  • the hot water supply and heating system consists of gas-fired hot water boilers with the performance coefficient exceeding 90%, three heat output recovery boilers of Caterpillar coherent gas-reciprocating units, circulating water pumps, hot water supply heat exchangers, and a separate four-pipe heat heat supply water system with a hot water supply and heating system. This system is automatically controlled by regulating the heat transfer fluid temperature, depending on the ambient temperature. High-capacity radiators and air supply plants are used as heating units. Air supply plants are provided with a diagram including a regulated heat-transfer circuit to ensure optimal heat consumption;

  • the compressed air supply system is equipped with six screw-type compressors with treatment plants as well as units ensuring automatic pressure maintenance in the circuit; - a suction system for industrial equipment with sock filters and automatic regeneration preventing ambient air pollution;
  • the water disposal system, consisting of a soil water pump station and two storm water treatment plants, operating in automatic mode and ensuring effluent treatment, to prevent environmental pollution.

The major solutions ensuring high energy efficient of Keralit LLC are as follows:

  • use of frequency converters at high-power electric actuators: the frequency converters allow selection of optimal operating modes for the high-power electric actuators, save power consumption and combat parasitic reactive power, etc.;
  • replacement of mercury arc lamps (MAL) with light-emitting diodes, thus ensuring substantial economic benefit, obtaining higher-quality illumination with a low ripple factor and improved aesthetic perception of the lighting equipment;

  • use of high-performance hot water boilers;

  • heat recuperation from process furnaces;

  • рекуперация тепла от технологических печей;

  • a multi-loop heating system with an independent control option;

  • use of high-performance screw-type compressors;

  • equipment with metering instruments for main energy carriers;

  • high degree of automation of the entire power complex.

In spring 2014, Keralit LLC successfully underwent an energy audit, pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Law No. 261 dd. 23.10.2009 “Concerning Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement” and obtained an energy performance certificate (No. E-014.103.0041). The management of Keralit LLC continuously stimulates not only the technical efficiency development of the power infrastructure, but also enhances the energy carriers consumption culture, which is definitely beneficial and fruitful.

Today, we are engaged in the development and implementaition of the uniform automated energy carriers consumption control and energy complex management system, which will ensure the company's energy efficiency and bring it to the next level.