Production of refractories
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Production of refractories

The unmolded refractories production complex consists of the following three lines:

  • a production line for dry investment compounds, dense normal-density concretes, low cement castables (LCC), and ultra low cement castables (ULCC), gunned castables, and mortar powders;
  • a production line for dry investment compounds for blast-furnace production, wet ramming and plastic mixtures;
  • a production line for magnesial materials, gunned castables and ramming mixtures.

The following are used as fillers during the refractories production: tabular alumina, corundum, bauxite, fire-clay grog, and other materials of varied fractions.

The product range of produced unmolded products includes the following:     

  • dense refractory concretes and wet ramming mixtures based on high-alumina components with various contents of main ingredients and used additonal admixtures, in accordance with their purpose and refractories conditions of use;
  • special-purpose concretes with a high thermal stability, high strength, and other properties set by consumers;
  • a production line for magnesial materials, gunned castables, and ramming mixtures;
  • gunned castables and ramming mixtures of main composition, periclase-based.

The overall performance of the lines exceeds 50 thousand tonnes per year with a twenty-four-seven operating schedule.

Quality assurance and control is provided by the company's certified Laboratory monitoring the entire set of the parameters of raw materials and the quality of finished products.

Production of molded refractories takes place in three sections equipped with up-to-date high-tech equipment, with minimum manual labour of the company's personnel:

    -  the production area of blowdown lances for steel bottom blowing;

    -  2 production areas of molded products for iron and steel industry, including the following:

  metal reservoirs of 'short-' and 'long-series' intermediary ladles;

  weldblocks of steel-teeming ladles;

  production of lances for ladle furnaces and for cast iron desulfation; 

  production of EAF sectors and roofs;

  products for the lining of skid pipes and hearths, burner blocks.

The equipment and qualifications of the complex personnel, experience and practices of the production and use of products enable to manufacture individual-purpose goods and refractory materials, in accordance with the consumer's requirements.