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Ferrous metal industry

Blast-furnace process

  • refractory concretes and gunned castables for the lining of the entire blast-furnace chuting system;
  • taphole clays;
  • concretes and gunned castables for the lining and repair of blast-furnace shafts;
  • concretes for sheltering the blast-furnace chuting system;
  • vibro cast productst of different applications: the crucible lips and cross-pieces (intersections) of shoots.


Electric-steelmaking furnace:

  • ramming mixtures for furnace hearth lining and maintenance;
  • products for wall and slag belt lining;
  • gunned castables for wall and slag belt maintenance;
  • refractory units for the lining of the central part of furnace roofs.

Steel-teeming ladle:

  • refractory concretes for the backup and working lining of the walls and the bottom;
  • periclase-carbonaceous products for the working wall and slag belt lining;
  • bottom blowdown systems, including a lance and a wellblock, both assembled and provided separately;
  • emergency lances for blowdown or blowing in powders from the tops of ladle furnaces;
  • vibrocast wellblocks, ladle nozzles, collector nozzles;
  • concretes for the hot repairs of wellblocks and bottom blowdown systems;
  • ramming mixtures of various purposes;
  • gunned castables for the working lining maintenance and repair;

Intermediate ladle:

  • refractory concretes for backup lining and shelters;
  • main-composition mixtures for manufacturing the working lining;
  • filter membranes;
  • products for the area of impact of metallic jets, including ultra-long casting series;
  • vibrocast wellblocks, metering nozzles;
  • products for metal wiring (stop monobloc, metering nozzle, submerged nozzle, a pipe ensuring protection of a jet against secondary oxidation).

DH- and RH- Vacuum chamber:

  • concretes for the external lining of inlet branch lining;
  • gunned castables for repairs of the external inlet branch lining;
  • periclase-chromite products for the working lining;
  • assembled inlet branches ready for installation.

Mill products

Heat treatment and thermal furnaces:

  • ramming mixtures for the wall and roof lining;
  • gunned castables for the wall lining;
  • concretes for the hearth lining;
  • premolded blocks for the hearth lining;
  • premolded blocks for suspended furnace arches;
  • products, concretes and ramming mixtures for the skid pipe lining;
  • lining of loading and discharge dampers;
  • concretes and gunned castables for the lining of the smoke conduit systems and chimney stacks;
  • ceramic and metal anchors for various elements of mill furnaces lining.