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 Walking-hearth furnaces

The design of walking-hearth furnaces enables transportation and heating of blanks of varied sizes. 

The advantage of walking-hearth furnaces as compared to pusher furnaces consists in triple metal heating as well as reduced abrasive wear of the furnace roof lining. 

Our lining systems guarantee quick and easy installation, good heat insulation, and overall savings on power costs. The wide range of heat insulation materials allows us to perform successful repair and maintenance of walking-hearth furnaces. 

The furnace flat hearth lining is multi-layered: 

  • Calcium silicate slab of such brands as CERABOARD SILICATE 1000, CERABOARD SILICATE 1100.
  • Insulation concretes of such brands as CERALIT LWCAST CR27060, CERALIT LWCAST CR40059, CERALIT CAST CL45134.
  • Working layer CERALIT CAST AL58007, CERALIT CAST KL79047.
  • Special anchor units are used for lining reinforcement.

Furnace wall lining. The furnace wall lining is multi-layered:

  • Calcium silicate slab CERABOARD SILICATE 1000, CERABOARD SILICATE 1100.
  • Insulation bricks of such brands as FL 26-08, FL 24-06.
  • Working layer: gunned castable CERALIT GUN HK70070, CERALT GUN CR57009 or blown-in concrete CERALIT CAST HL60140.

Tamping of burner tunnels is provided with plastic mixture CERALIT PLAST BK70008. 

The furnace roof lining is multi-layered:

  • Insulation layer: ceramic fiber CERAWOOL, insulation concrete CERALIT LWCAST VR32026.
  • Working layer: concrete CERALIT CAST HL60140, CERALIT LWCAST CR40059.

The lining of the exhaust gas system, recuperator, and chimney stack are made of various lightweight gunned castables, as well as insulation fire-clay grog concretes.