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KERALIT offers up-to-date solutions and best practices for the lining of thermal generating units for steel, cast iron, glass, non-ferrous metals, and alloys manufacturers.

KERALIT manufactures and supplies a wide range of unmolded refractory products with aluminosilicate and magnesial composition, including refractories made of in-house concretes using the vibrocasting technology.

The list of unmolded refractories offered to our clients includes more than 250 brands of concretes, mixtures, and mortar powders, which meet our consumers' demand and individual needs.

Our company is ready to offer our partners over 800 types of refractories from the list of manfuactured products, or design, produce, and supply products, as required by our customers' individual needs.

Based on the global best practices of the refractory industry, KERALIT designs lining for both in-house products and leading manufacturers' cutting-edge heat insulation, refractory, and associated materials and equipment.

By maintaining and advancing long-term partnership, KERALIT offers design and engineering support services for lining production as well as performance of turnkey construction and installation works during the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of our customers' thermal generating units.

KERALIT offers in-house tabular alumina and magnesium-aluminate spinel corresponding to world counterparts.