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 Steel-teeming ladle

Keralit company offers comprehensive solutions for the implementation and operation of the lining of casting ladles:

  • refractory concretes for the backup and working lining of the walls and the bottom;
  • periclase-carbonaceous products for the working wall and slag belt lining;
  • bottom blowdown systems, including a lance and a wellblock, both assembled and provided separately;
  • emergency lances for blowdown or blowing in powders from the tops of ladle furnaces;
  • vibrocast wellblocks, ladle nozzles, collector nozzles;
  • concretes for the hot repairs of wellblocks and bottom blowdown systems;
  • ramming mixtures of various purposes;
  • gunned castables for the working lining maintenance and repair;

Keralit company can offer various individual embodiments of the working lining of casting ladles.

1. The combined lining:

  • monolithic bottom and walls, slag belt - periclase brick structure (MgO-C);
  • monolithic bottom, walls and slag belt - periclase brick structure (MgO-C).

2. Brick lining the bottom, the walls, the slag zone of the brick structure periclase (MgO-C) and the composition (Al₂O₃-MgO-C).