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 Industrial waste disposal incinerators

Industrial waste disposal incinerators are intended for disposal by high-temperature combustion of industrial and agricultural wastes, including those causing adverse effects on the ambient environment using conventional disposal techniques; in this case, the heat (hot air) generated as a result from disposal may be used for a variety of process requirements, while the slag (ash) resulting from fuel combustion may be used as construction materials.

The morphological composition of industrial and agricultural organic wastes subject to disposal is as follows:  

  • timber, including saw dust and bark;
  • production waste, including saw dust and chippings of EAF and fiber board;
  • industrial rubber waste;
  • textile and leather industry waste;
  • sunflower and grain husk;
  • straw;
  • all types of animal waste products, including swine manure, with the moisture not exceeding 10%;
  • containers and package made of paper, cardboard, and textile;
  • containers made of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Our lining systems guarantee quick and easy installation, good heat insulation and overall savings on power costs. 

The concept of furnace design ensures the shortest repair interval of the units. Pre-heat-treated modules reduce the period of furnaces commissioning after repairs and maintenance.

Keralit is looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with all plants and organizations concerned.  
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