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 Chuting system

Lining of main, transportation, tilting troughs, and shelters

KERALIT offers a variety of solutions for the main chutes lining, depending on the following factors:

  • the production capacity of a blast furnace;
  • the design of cast house chutes;
  • the required inter-repair strength of the lining and other performance characteristics;
  • the approved maintenance and repair processes at the cast house.

In addition to monolithic lining, KERALIT offers well-tried solutions using vibrocast products for the working lining layer. As compared to monolithic lining, the blocks have the following advantages:

  • considerably higher resistance and strength;
  • enhanced speed of installation and lining operations;
  • lack of necessity to use falsework or templates;
  • no need for drying.

The conventional scheme of the working lining layer of a tilting trough is monolithic. To enhance the resistance of the working lining layer, KERALIT offers to use molded blocks, or scrap slabs.

The working layer of the shelter lining is made of refractory concretes. Selection of a brand of a refractory concrete depends on the shelter operating conditions.

Vibrocast products, ready for installation::

  • skimmer slab
  • crucible lip
  • cross-piece
  • scrap slab

Purpose: enhances strength of the working lining layer


It is necessary for holding refractory concretes. The anchor design selection depends on the design of the lining, operating conditions, and used welding equipment.

Performance of repair and maintenance operations

For cost minimization for the chute maintenance and failure-free operation, it is highly recommended to provide timely maintenance and repairs of blast furnace chutes.

The following types of repairs are usually performed:

  • Overhaul is the largest-scale repair and maintenance implying complete replacement of the lining, or sometimes replacement of metal structures;
  • Potting repair is major repair with a withdrawal of the chute from service for several days and replacement of up to 70-80% of the working layer lining;
  • Additional casting repair is medium-scale repair with withdrawal of the chute from service for several days without providing a template, and replacement of up to 50% of the working layer lining;
  • Mortaring repair is express h withdrawal of the chute from service for several hours, applying concrete to the maximum lining wear places;
  • Ramming repair is medium-scale repair with withdrawal of the chute from service for several days and replacement of up to 50% of the working layer lining using the potting method.

Additional casting repair

First, the additional casting is provided for the bottom, and then metal sheets are exposed with additional casting to the walls.

Medium-dry mortaring repair

The maximum lining wear places are normally subject to mortaring.

Ramming repair

Ramming is provided in layers, no more than 50 mm thick.

Maintenance Diagram is an important operating procedure considering the plant's tap hole opening diagram and shift-working arrangements.

In case any changes to the Maintenance Diagram are required, for example, due to using more advanced present-day materials, KERALIT renders maintenance diagrams development services in accordance with altered operating conditions, implying direct participation of the customer's representatives.

Associated services

  • Design of lining and templates, selection of materials, thermal design calculations of the lining;
  • Supply of anchors made of heat-resistant steel for lining installation;
  • Supply heat-insulating materials for lining installation;
  • Performance of installation and erection supervision works by skilled professionals;
  • Technical assistance provided by leading specialists, processing and analysis of the operating results;
  • Supply (lease) of equipment for the works performance with regard to chute lining and personnel training;

During the period of performance of refractory-line works, if required, KERALIT may provide special-purpose equipment, namely as follows:

  • mixing and transportation complex;
  • compulsory mixer;
  • air concrete placer for semi-dry application technique;
  • electric internal high-speed vibrators;
  • electric suspended vibrators;