О компании
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What we consider strategically important is the ability to offer our clients, in each particular case, not only the most optimal, but also the most technically and economically feasible solutions of problems, from the standpoint of reliability.

In a word, this is competitive ability.

You may certainly say that this is a goal for everyone, and many companies are striving for it, but not all manage to achieve it.

Still, we are brave enough to allege that we are competitive and achievement-oriented.

This is a complex concept consisting of many important parts:

  • Human resources. We seek to create all required conditions in order to hire and retain best talents in their fields;

  • State-of-the-art and frontmost technologies (including executive and organizational), their application, search, development, and improvement are our routine responsibilities;

  • Cutting-edge and highly-efficient, regularly updated equipment, corporate culture and production practices—these factors are essential for guaranteeing the best quality and success.

'Better' does not mean 'cheaper'. We are using and will keep using raw materials, which are the best at this time and this place by the price/quality criterion. If required and justified by the price/quality correlation, we are ready to import even fire-clay grog from any part of the world.

Both geographical and sector-specific diversification. The company's overall growth and development is a logical extension and follow-up of our competitive ability.

Our mission statement: forging ahead, step by step, continuously improving and enhancing our activity in every industrial process, at any work place, keeping in mind that 'by striving for the best, we may blunder the good.'